How Much Is Hydroseed?

How Much Is Hydroseed?

First it's important to note, not all hydroseeding applications are the same. The type of seed, tackifiers, mulch, and rate they are applied, will have an impact on the final hydroseed cost.

For "Sod Quality Results", we recommend a blend of high quality grass seed, a small amount of tackifiers (bonding agent), and a rate of 2,000 lbs of "100% wood fiber" hydro-mulch/acre. This blend/rate will provide an ideal environment for seed germination, hold the seed in place, and help control erosion till established. 

Some D.O.T./construction specs. call for as little as 1,000 lbs/acre. Applications this light rarely yeild quality turf. Be sure to compare applications rates when comparing prices.

Let's take a look at how hydroseeding prices are calculated. Most hydroseeding companies price the cost of hydroseeding new lawns by calculating the square feet of the area to be hydroseeded (length X width = square feet) less home, walks, drive, and landscaping.

Example: A lot 125 feet deep and 80 feet wide would be 10,000 square feet.
Less the home, walks, drive and landscaping, lets say about 4,500 square feet.
We are left with about 5,500 square feet to hydroseed.
5,500 square feet @ $.10 per square foot = $550.00

Our 2014 Hydroseeding Price Guide:
(Pricing may very by location, and is subject to change without notice.)

Hydroseeding minimum charge, Small yard / Spot Treatments * $450
(Includes up to 400 gal. of hydroseed mixture or about 4,000 sq. ft. of coverage. Larger hydroseeding projects are billed by the square foot. Please see our 2015 hydroseed pricing below.)

Hydroseed Application for New Lawn / Lawn Renovation
(cost of hydroseeding per square foot)

This is just a "guide", please call 508-561-9760 for a Free Estimate!

2,000 - 10,000 square feet* $0.10 per square foot

10,001 - 43,560 square feet* $0.08 per square foot

Over 1 acre/* $0.07 per square foot

Over 5 acres* $2,860 per acreOver 10 acres*call Over 20 acres*callOver 50 acres*callOver 100 acres* call