Price Guide

Our 2019 Hydroseeding Price Guide:
(Pricing may very by location, and is subject to change without notice.)

Hydroseeding minimum charge, Small yard / Spot Treatments * $450
(Includes up to 400 gal. of hydroseed mixture or about 4,000 sq. ft. of coverage. Larger hydroseeding projects are billed by the square foot. Please see our 2015 hydroseed pricing below.) 

Hydroseed Application for New Lawn / Lawn Renovation
(cost of hydroseeding per square foot)

This is just a "guide", please call  (508) 852-2035  for a Free Estimate!

  • 2,000 - 19,000 square feet* $0.10 per square foot
  • 19,001 - 43,560 square feet* $0.08 per square foot
  • Over 1 acre/* $0.07 per square foot
  • Over 5 acres* $2,860 per acre
  • Over 10 acres*call 
  • Over 20 acres*call
  • Over 50 acres*call
  • Over 100 acres* call

Larger projects (over 10 acres), please call for pricing!

*All applicable taxes will be added to final invoice and are not reflected in the above referenced prices.

The Benefits


  1. Higher percentage of seeds germinate faster.
  2. Grass plants survive longer.
  3. Soil erosion is greatly reduced.
  4. Distribution of seed, fertilizer and mulch is uniform.
  5. Improves versatility to seed tough areas, i.e irregular slopes or berms, ditches and narrow strips.
  6. Seed mixes are tailored to the site according to sun exposure and lawn usage.
  7. No masking is necessary for walkways, flowerbeds, walls and construction obstacles.
  8. Mulch turns to humus becoming integral part of soil.
  9. Lawns develop more plush and full.

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