What to Expect / Warranty

 Many people ask what hydroseeding is. Quality hydroseed uses a water based “slurry” of grass seed, fertilizer, wood fiber mulch and a tackifier. Many factors will influence the success of each application, starting with how you prepare!

The most important preparation is deciding on how you will water your new lawn. The most common answer will be an underground sprinkler system. Before the hydroseed is applied your sprinkler system should be fully operated to be sure there are no leaks in the lines and the lawn area is receiving complete “head-to-head” water coverage. This means the water spray from each sprinkler head should reach the next one and there are no dry areas. Without complete coverage your new hydroseeded lawn will quickly die. Please consult our lawn care guidelines for the recommended watering practices. Please note that our guarantee does not cover problems associated with incorrect watering.

Preparing your seedbed is an often-neglected portion of the project. Established weeds on the site should be removed. This can be done by manual means or with a herbicide. If a herbicide is used, keep in mind that seeding can generally take place after five (5) days depending on the type used. Dead weeds and grasses should also be removed in the preparation process. Take the time to grade your lawn area. Any irregularities in the grade will still be present when the turf is established. If the soil is very compacted, it should be tilled before raking. Keep the soil approximately one inch below the level of sidewalks, driveways and edging. Sprinkler heads should be approximately ½ inch above the finished grade. Wetting the soil lightly will aid the preparation process. Moist loose soil will help promote a more even application.

Another common question asked regarding hydroseeding is “What about weeds?” It is important to remember that the hydroseeding application is promoting a perfect seed germination environment. This includes any weed seeds that already exist in the soil. Some weeds are to be expected as your lawn develops. The natural process of the lawn growth will eventually choke out any weeds that develop. Most weeds are annuals meaning that they do not return after they die out. However you may choose to manually remove them as the lawn develops or to use a herbicide after the lawn has been mowed three times.

These guidelines should help you in preparing your property for a new lawn. Please call our office if you have any questions. Thank you for selecting Quality Hydroseed, Inc. for your new lawn. We look forward to working with you.



Hydroseed is guaranteed to germinate if the following conditions are met.

  • The property has a functioning Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Proper fertilization applied to the lawn between 21 – 28 days from the date of application.

Hydroseed is not warranted due to:

  • Storm water run off from downspouts.
  • Storm water run off from roofs without gutters.
  • Storm water run off from driveway collection and discharge.

Your topsoil, if provided by another company, is not the responsibility of Quality Hydroseed. Rocky, pH, or any other deficiency should be brought up with the person who provided you with the topsoil. Acts of God (rain, wind, hail, etc. that cause wash outs) are not part of our warranty. We not responsible for weed competition or their eradication. Also, we are not responsible for Acts of God, theft, vandalism or anything else beyond our control. Including drought, torrential rains and other weather related conditions.

Hydroseed is a live product! It may be necessary to water within 1 – 3 hours of application. Hydroseed is perishable and will die if it is not watered properly.



Your new lawn is still in its infancy. Just because your lawn looks fully established, doesn’t mean you can stop watering or change your mowing practices! It takes many months before your lawn is ready for the stress of hot summers, and cold winters. Choosing the right fertilizers, keeping your mower blades sharp, proper watering practices, and changing the heights of mowing throughout the year, should guarantee you a healthy and beautiful lawn!

*Please Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to report any potential challenges with turf establishment within the first 30 days. Otherwise, the warranty of our product can be voided.

The success of our process depends upon you!

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