What Is Hydroseeding?

 Hydroseeding is a process that utilizes a mixed media of cellulose or wood  fiber, seed, fertilizer and water. After being thoroughly mixed into a soupy consistency, this media is sprayed on the lawn by machine. Sprouts will appear in as little as three days and a fully established lawn could be achieved in three weeks or less.*

*From “Secrets to a Great Lawn” for more information go to www.LawnCareBook.com to download your FREE copy of the complete book, “Secrets to a Great Lawn” (a $6.95 value) 

Why Hydroseed?

Due to the affordable cost and versatility in application, hydroseeding is becoming more and more popular as an effective means of establishing new lawns, controlling erosion, and vegetating land after disasters such as wild fires and floods. In addition hydroseed requires less watering than sod. In some instances sod and conventional drill seeding are just not a viable options. Like in the situation of a wild fire. Many areas are raw undeveloped lands with steep / rugged terrane that make anything short of an aerial application impossible. 

Advantages of Hydroseeding

  • Protection of seeds from heat and birds during germination process.
  • Soil temperature is maintained.
  • More even application of seeds than is possible with broadcast seeding.
  • Especially effective in keeping seeds from being washed away on slopes.
  • Provides added organic components to enrich the soil after the lawn is established.
  • No need to remove straw as is the case with broadcast seeding.
  • Retention of moisture as seeds sprout.
  • Allows for a better root formation as opposed to sodding.
What's In A Hydroseed Mix?

The hydro-mulch makes up the bulk of the hydroseed mixture. Hydro-mulch can be made from a number of products. Most of the products used to manufacture hydroseeding mulch can be classified as organic, adding to the already staggering benefits of choosing hydroseeding for your next project.

Many forms of hydro-mulch exist today. One of the most common products used for residential lawns is a mixture of wood, cellulose fiber, and recycled paper. Other products include compost, cotton, and straw among others.

The hydro-mulch, seed, and fertilizer are mixed with water in the hydroseeding equipment, this gives the mixture a thick slurry like texture. The hydroseed mulch will act as a blanket to aid in the retention of moisture as the seeds sprout. It will also help shield the seed from heat and birds.

How Much Does Hydroseed Cost?

First it’s important to note, not all hydroseeding applications are the same. The type of seed, tackifiers, mulch, and rate they are applied, will have an impact on the final hydroseed cost.

For “Sod Quality Results”, we recommend a blend of high quality grass seed, a small amount of tackifiers (bonding agent), and a rate of 2,000 lbs of “100% wood fiber” hydro-mulch/acre. This blend/rate will provide an ideal environment for seed germination, hold the seed in place, and help control erosion till established. 

Some D.O.T./construction specs. call for as little as 1,000 lbs/acre. Applications this light rarely yeild quality turf. Be sure to compare applications rates when comparing prices.

Let’s take a look at how hydroseeding prices are calculated. Most hydroseeding companies price the cost of hydroseeding new lawns by calculating the square feet of the area to be hydroseeded (length X width = square feet) less home, walks, drive, and landscaping.

Example: A lot 125 feet deep and 80 feet wide would be 10,000 square feet.
Less the home, walks, drive and landscaping, lets say about 4,500 square feet.
We are left with about 5,500 square feet to hydroseed.
5,500 square feet @ $.10 per square foot = $550.00

Is Hydroseeding For Erosion Control?

Hydroseeding is especially effective in keeping seeds from being washed away on slopes. When working on erosion control jobs most hydroseeding contractors will turn to a bonded fiber matrix (BFM) Flexterra  ® is a bonded fiber matrix (BFM) that can be used in a jet agitation hydro-seeder like an Easy Lawn or tubro turf jet type hydroseeder. Most bonded fiber matrix (BFM) requires the use of larger mechanically agitated hydroseeders like a Turfmaker.

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(length x width = square feet) less home, walks, drive, and landscaping. If you don’t know we can help you determine this using mapping software or a consultation visit. See contact us page for details.